Visited Hollin @ Suntec City on a Saturday Afternoon and ordered their Best Sellers Series (1) Pink Guava Rock Salt Macchiato (Large, 50% Sugar, Add-on Honey Handmade Pearls).

Flavour: 8/10
The Pink Guava tasted like a much more concentrated version of the Marigold Peel Fresh Pink Guava Juice Drink that I really love, and the milk foam was light, creamy, fragrant, largely sweet, with a hint of saltiness. When I drink them in its entirety from a top down approach starting from the milk foam, the combination was extremely refreshing - perfect for a humid day or after a heavy meal. The honey pearl does have a subtle taste of honey - not too overpowering, which I feel will be a perfect fit for drinks that are on the lower-end of the sweetness level.

Overall, I feel that $6.20 for a Large cup of Bubble Tea given its quality and uniquely-flavoured handmade pearls that changes in flavour daily is very value-for-money.

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