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Cafe located beside the lobby of a hotel. Minimal indoor seating that faces the kitchen but there’s a fair number of Alfresco seating. There wasn’t much people for a Sunday late afternoon. Tables at the alfresco seating seems to be made out of coarse wood shavings and accompanied with rattan armchairs and wooden benches. Nicely topped with a pot of green leaves and white woven serviette dispenser. The fans above do generate a good amount of wind despite their size.

Ordered their Signature Dashi Risotto with a hovering thought of ordering their truffle fries. Service was extremely slow considering that there weren’t many customers waiting.

After the wait, the dish arrived plated beautifully with a balance of colors. Risotto was cooked well and they were generous with the portion of enoki tempura. The crunch from the tempura enoki in each spoonful of risotto was well paired! There were also some brown mushrooms embedded within the risotto bed. Wished they had given more of those. Overall, am glad that the dish tasted really hearty and flavorful!

They can definitely do better with the pricing/ portioning of the entire dish though. We ended up ordering a post lunch snack of spam fries (changed our mind from the initial idea of truffle fries). Checked on the waiting time before ordering and was assured that we wouldn’t need to wait too long but it still became a rather lengthy wait. Spam fries served were of a generous portion and came with a spice-packed aioli of sorts. Felt that there wasn’t much special about the dish though and wished we had ordered the truffle fries to try. Maybe next time!

Made our way indoors for the payment and noted that there was only one chef in the kitchen. This perhaps explains the waiting time. Not sure if it’s like this on a daily basis but I definitely hope not! Would hesitate to come back again because of the price and the wait.

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