It may be located smack dab in the middle of Crazytown, and it may be kinda out of the way, but Ji De Lai's steamed and roasted chicken rice is so awesomely addictive that I'd gladly carry my cross and make a pilgrimage to the Mecca of chicken rice every now and then.

The steamed chicken is ridiculously redolent despite it being just steamed chicken. It's ain't just that stellar, savory soya sauce that makes this chicken the tastiest bird on the block, but it's the seasoning/cooking process that makes Ji De Lai's Hainanese style chicken so damn delicious.

There's a thin layer of gelatin below that porcelain skin, which is the hallmark of a competently cooked white chicken, and the meat is extraordinarily juicy and moist. Even the thick breasts are bouncy, moist, and excitingly juicy. I wasn't eating the chicken, I was practically inhaling the thick slices of chicken. That's right, it was THAT exceptional.

The rice may not be the tastiest around town, but it complements the chicken perfectly with its balance of rich, fatty and savory. Each grain is cooked to perfection, and is so smooth and velvety on your tongue.

Remember To Come? Thanks for the memories, fam.

Russell Leong one of the things we really fancy during my NS days. Used to get an entire bird there to share haha
Xing Wei Chua I can see why lol