The Aburi Mentai Ebi Salmon Roll ($15.90 nett for 8 pieces) is the new crown jewel of @kazoku_japanese_cuisine maki (handroll) range, and it looks glorious. Just like the name, the roll itself is a mouthful. Crabstick and ebi tempura (prawn tempura) are rolled up tight in rice, but that ain’t even close to being it. A thick slice of salmon sashimi is draped atop the roll, garnished with a dollop of Mentaiko mayonnaise, and blowtorched beautifully.⠀

The seared salmon was downright divine with the mentaiko, as both slightly charred elements united to form the perfect union of umami. Of course, the deliciousness of mentaiko wasn’t limited to the salmon, and it was more than enough for the whole roll. Speaking of the roll, the ebi tempura was utterly unrivalled. The supremely crunchy panko breading concealed a springy, juicy large prawn within that even managed to eclipse the stellar seared salmon.⠀

These redolent rolls from Kazoku are perfect for snacking upon as you imbibe a drink or six from ToGather’s bar. Whether your poison of choice is beer, wine, or even soju, you definitely gotta roll up on Kazoku’s marvellous maki with some alcohol.⠀

Arigato gozaimasu for hosting us, @kazoku_japanese_cuisine & @burpple!