French Toast ($18) - fried brioche, rhubarb berry marmalade, fresh berries, almond flakes, poached pear, vanilla ice-cream. One of the best French Toast I have ever tasted. Everything just went so well together. I was impressed the ice-cream did not melt much even after a period of time. Breakfast Platter ($23) - toast, grilled corn, bratwurst sausage, avocado, hash, thick cut streaky bacon, mushroom, tomato, scrambled eggs. Loved the eggs as it was nicely done and creamy. The streaky bacon tasted like crispy sio bak. The mushrooms were juicy and flavorful. The best was the bratwurst sausage. When I cut through it, the juices just burst out. P/S: Skip the Iced Chocolate as the taste was not worth its price.

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