Office workers in Bugis looking for a new dining option will want to note this down. The second outlet of the famed Lucky Plaza Yong Tau Foo is tucked away on the second floor of Bugis Cube, and sports a shorter queue (for now). It's well known for its incredibly low prices and unique Yong Tau Foo ingredients like Korean mushrooms and fried meatballs. While many Burpplers love having their YTF dry, allow yourself some indulgence and go for the Curry Laksa. According to Burpple Tastemaker Jean Kao, it's less lemak than laksa and has a tinge of hae bi hiam flavour in it. When picking out Yong Tau Foo ($0.60 per piece, minimum eight pieces), don't miss out on the delightfully juicy Korean mushrooms. Everyone, including Tastemaker Jean, insists on having at least one of it in their meal because "they become so plump after soaking, so biting into them is a delight". Be sure to add a spoonful of their homemade belachan chilli and fried shallots for a spicy kick!
Avg Price: $10 per person
Photo by Burpple Tastemaker Jean Kao