BUFFET PRICE: $13.80++ during weekdays 11.30AM to 5PM

♡ Assorted flavours rice cake (esp the purple and yellow ones)
♡ Fish cake, Korean style (almost just like the ones we had at the pojangmacha in Seoul)
♡ Wide range of sauce (including jjajang sauce)

1) When you're 3/4 full with the tteokbokki, start to boil down the soup base until just the right amount for frying your kimchi fried rice.
Remember to add loads of seaweed and sesame oil.

TIME LIMIT: 60 min
They are very strict on the timing. The staff only came to remind us 5 minutes before our time was up. Would be better if they remind in advance, say 15 minutes? So that we could pace ourselves. Cos who's really watching the time so closely when you're enjoying a meal and chatting right? Anyway we totally had to wolf down our big portion of fried rice. And thankfully did not get charged $10 for food wastage cos we wiped the pot clean.

At this price, yes, likely.

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