[Muslim-Owned] Since my last visit to Burgs (@projectwarung), there have been a considerable amount of improvement to their menu. I’m not too sure if the recipe for their burgers were part of this hypothesised revamp, but wow did the Double Viva Classic ($8) pack a two-mach punch of taste. 😩

This double burger encases two beef patties, a layer of melted mozzarella cheese for texture and a dollop of marinara sauce. Already upon the first bite, I was swept up by my feet by the amalgamation of the patty’s beefy-umami flavour and the deep, flavourful marinara sauce. Plonk in a great deal of stretchy mozzarella cheese into the equation and guess what? You got yourself a winner. 🙏🏽

Admittedly, the burger is a little soggy from the beef jus that gets absorbed by both brioche buns - top and bottom - but truly, the messiness just contributes to the immense gratification of eating this. If anything, it reaffirmed my perception of how I like my burgers should. And interestingly, speaking of which, the burger was virtually well-done and yet, it was brimming with greatness in texture. None of that ‘medium-rare’ puffery here. 🤧

So listen. The Viva Classic is the kind of amazing where I’m shoved into a dilemma of whether I should get it again the next time. Because I know such a spellbinding experience is nearly impossible to replicate in the same lifetime. But it’s so damn good. It’s by no means sumptuous nor does it exude any air of opulence, but let it be known as one of the only things that has successfully pierced my heart, with the type of charm that only burgers have. ❤️ (8.7/10)

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