This is a cafe besides Macs. Crowded on a weekend, had to wait for at least 10mins to get a seat. It’s all worth the wait! Friendly staff, great music, good portions for mains. Used the Burpple 1-1 which allows main, drink and crepe cake (we close red velvet and earl grey). We could choose the premium tea, and it’s really fragrant. Paid a total of $32.90 for 2 mains (carbonara and gyu don) which could have been doubled if not for 1-1. We left the cafe, forgetting to consume our crepe cakes. We went back the next day and the staff remembered us. As a form of goodwill, they gave us another Oreo cake to takeaway. This is service at 100%. Please go to support them, especially during weekdays when the crowd is thinner. This is their second branch, first one at East Coast and they are opening the third. Definitely a very chill cafe which you would want to hangout at.