Kombi Rocks is located just a stone's throw away from my home but strangely I've never had a chance to dine there! With Deliveroo, I managed to try their signature Koon Kee Mee Goreng ($9) and Wok Hei Fish and Prawn Hor Fun ($12) at the comforts of my home.

Mee goreng and hor fun are our usual zichar favorites and it's such a lovely surprise to see a cafe offering it! The mee goreng had very generous amount of egg stir fried within, alongside prawns, fish cakes and chicken. The sauce leans towards more sweet and sour rather than spicy, so even the non-spice eaters can order this! The horfun was soft and slippery with lots of sauce so it doesn't get all sticky together even after delivery. However, it could do with a lot more wok hei.

From 8th to 14th August, Deliveroo will be launching Cafe Week with participating merchants offering a 2 Pax set for $25 and 4 Pax set for $45 — Because You Deserve The Best (#BYDTB)! #BurppleRoo