New unassuming stall found at the basement of Our Tampines Hub.

For a stall titled 'Breadwerkz', there was hardly any bread.
It was however filled with sweet treats ranging from mini Ondeh Ondeh balls to chocolate brownies and ganaches. Mix & Match for a decent price to try them bite-sized OR just go full-blown and get a whole family-sized portion!

This pandan chiffon roll was filled generously with decadent Hazelnut chocolate Nutella spread. 😍
I love Pandan flavor and who can not love Nutella? This was a beautiful marriage of taste for me.
$9.80 for a whole cake which could amount for 10-12 slices. Unless you're me, and a portion requires 1/4 of the loaf 🤭.

Check them out. Halal-certified. (Blueberries not included)