What do you normally do when you’re done with your hotpot? Turn it off, loosen your belt one last time and let out a legendary belch that can be heard around the world, right? Not at @90minutes.sg! Here, you finish your hotpot by frying rice in the same broth that you were previously using to cook all your meats & veg.⠀

The broth has been fortified by the flavours of everything you’ve been cooking in the pot, and all of that flavour is suffused into the rice, corn & seaweed. There’s no egg added into this rice, and it’s really just a fried rice. However, remember when I said that the cheese & corn was a surprise tool that would help us later? Well, the time is now.⠀

After the waitstaff is done frying up your rice, quickly dump all that cheese corn into the rice while it’s screaming hot for a sexy, stretchy & sumptuous carb & cheese laden end to your little pot session. Rice is nice, but with cheese it’s sure to please.⠀

Kamsahamnida for hosting us, @90minutes.sg & @burpple!