I ordered 2 soft serves – Vanilla Crumble and Nano Yogurt (RM 14/each).

The Nano Yogurt consists of their home made yogurt soft serve with blueberries and granola. There are also Kellogg’s cereal deep into the soft serve. It was pretty refreshing and a perfect choice of dessert after a heavy meal because this was on the more sour-ish side. Vanilla Crumble was ok. It's homemade french vanilla soft serve with Belgium apple thin biscuits but I prefer the Nano Yogurt to be honest.

Overall verdict?
The soft serves at Koone were creamy and smooth, yet not overly sweet which made it very palatable for us. The flavors are also distinct and not overwhelmed by the milky or vanilla-ish taste like some of the softserves in Singapore. But just in case you’re wondering how they make the “smoke”, the soft serves are actually contained in a pretty small cup, with the likes of a small llaollao cup. The dry ice is then dropped into the pink cup that you see in every picture, and the smaller cup containing your soft serve is then placed on top of it. So don’t say I never warn ah!