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Hidden away sunset way is one our our favourite bistros in Singapore, Summer Hill. Opened by Chefs Anthony Yeoh and Christopher Soh, formally of the now defunct Cocotte Restaurant at Wandurlust Hotel, Summer Hill continues to focus on what they were always known for, Home-style and comforting dishes.

Don’t expect a large menu as Summer Hill focuses on a few few specialities that are focused on the ingredients and done exceptionally well!
One of my favorites is the Fried Veal Chop. It’s tender, juicy and if you’re a veal lover than this is an absolutely must have.
However, our favourite thing to come for is their Fried Chicken Day!
Every few months, Summer Hill will have fried chicken day and they serve one of THE BEST fried chicken around! The skin is crispy, with a slightly sweet twang that comes from the brown butter herbs, honey and lemon. The herbs adds wonderful earthy balance to the dish and the buttermilk definitely helps make the chicken extra tender and juicy.

And no worries, Summer Hill also offers some fantastic salads like the Creamy Ricotta and Marinated Tomato Salad that helps add a bit of acidity to the meal.

So if you’re looking for somewhere casual with cozy alfresco dining and some really good food, head down to Summer Hill!

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