4⭐ Get to know this sushi restaurant from Ricecookerman IG and I saw photo of celebrities visiting this restaurant. Made reservation for their weekday lunch buffet $31.90++ as the restaurant can only accommodate ~ 10 diners. They turn away quite a few diners who walk in as it was fully reserved for lunch today. At first we ate the sushi which the chef prepared but towards the end when we are extremely full, we ordered those which we wanted to eat. I ate a total of 17 sushi ranging from the more common ones such as salmon, maguro, tako, hamachi to the less common ones such as arkshell, surf clam, white tuna, flying fish, gizzard shad. The quality of sushi is 👍🏼 but this is a no frill place so don't expect excellent service from the server.
#SushiKanazawa #SushiBuffet