Happy Duanwu Festival!! Once again, it’s time to make our pilgrimage across town, hunting down the best and most traditional dumplings!😋 Kim Choo Kueh Chang was recommended by some friends who raved about their dedication to tradition, so we decided to head there! After perusing through their menu, we settled on the Salty Chang w/ egg and Salty Chang with chili prawn.

Glutinous rice was at the right consistency - neither too mushy nor too firm - and delightfully chewy, hiding bits and bobs like whole chestnuts and mushroom heads (alright fine, not as itty bitty as one would think)!! Though the chili prawn one lacked the characteristic “hebi” taste, it was still more savoury on the whole, with a marked spicy undertone. My final verdict? Their offerings truly live up to expectations, especially if you’re looking for an authentic homemade taste! 😋

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