The age may show in its ramshackled signage, but Hoi Kee's hawker stalls still reign supreme on our Segambut list. For starters, try the Hennessy XO Seafood Noodles (from RM12). The milky broth is spiked with brandy to give it an extra lush mouthfeel, adding flavour to the bowl topped with plenty of prawns and clams. On the other hand, Tastemaker Sok Chien Lim finds that the dish of Dry Pork Noodles (RM6.50) here has the ability to instantly uplift her day with the comfort-giving minced meat sauce and generous toppings. We also hear of an excellent Jawa Mee (from RM5.50) that comes close to Penang's standards in the same coffeeshop, so if you're a fan of the dish, look it up!
Avg Price: RM5 per person
Photo by Burppler Anna Leong