If there is one thing that sets Springleaf Prata Place apart from your usual neighbourhood Roti Prata establishments around, it is probably on how creative they are with their creations. Perhaps best known for their Plaster Blaster — a spinoff on the Plaster Prata where a poached egg is being served with ham and hollandaise sauce above a plain Prata (or some may call, Egg Benedict in Roti Prata form), Springleaf Prata Place also do serve up quite a number of interesting Prata creations as listed in their “Ultimate Series” section on the menu.

Being one of the more pricier items on the Ultimate Series section on the menu, the Däs Prätwürst is Springleaf Prata Place’s answer to the Roti Prata with a German fusion (who would have though that this is possible?). The item is described to come with elements such as home-made chicken sausage, seasoned sauteed onions, currywurst
sauce, sauerkraut and a pinch of curry powder — all of them being presented in a form that one would say is fairly similar to that of a murtabak, though slightly thicker considering the round nature of the chicken sausage. The Roti Prata is pretty much consistent as the standard plain rendition here — it’s crisp whilst being a little dense for some, though does have a little tension when pulled apart. Pulling the Prata apart reveals all of the listed elements in the menu; all that as well as the melted mozzarella that actually binds everything here altogether; oozy, gooey and stretchy — a crowd pleaser no doubt. I was actually pretty impressed with how the home-made chicken sausage went; not sure if these are made in-house by Springleaf Prata Place but these do carry a firm meaty bite with bits of meat to chew that I would usually associate with pork or beef sausages — the choice of chicken here as opposed to the standard pork-based sausage for bratwursts is due to Springleaf Prata Place being a halal-certified establishment. The bits of seasoned sauteed onions provides for a soft crunch; similar to that found in Onion Prata. Drizzled with currywurst sauce, the currywurst sauce felt like a tomato-based sauce spiked with curry powder; the curry powder sprinkled over the top adds on to that touch. As though there isn’t enough curry to go around with this, they also do serve their usual fish curry on the side — works well for those who may think that the currywurst sauce isn’t something quite for them, though it does overwhelm the currywurst sauce if had together. Also liked how the folks at Springleaf Prata Place hadn’t forgotten about the sauerkraut here; the sauerkraut providing a crunchy tang that resets the taste buds if all gets too heavy in the Däs Prätwürst.

Something I especially love in Springleaf Prata Place is not only how innovative they are with the classic Roti Prata and Murtabak to be able to come up with so many inventive variations of the local favourite dish, but also how consistent they are where quality is concerned. The queues at the Springleaf outlet had since subsided on weekday evenings now that the neighbouring Springleaf MRT Station had been in operation for a while — probably just about right to head there to give the other crazy Prata creations a go considering our proximity to the outlet!