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I have to admit I’m not the biggest fan of tsukemen (dipping ramen), as in I’d never pick this over the classic ramen, cause I’m a huge fan of having my noods just sitting and nua-ing in the piping hot broth and slurping all that up 🤤buuuuut that said, I gotta admit this Tom Yum Tsukemen was pretty darn good. Noodles were cooked right and held a nice bite; there was a good variety of ingredients for $15.90++ (they had quite a few bamboo shoots!!!); and oof that tom yum broth: serious punch of spices and heat. It genuinely lasted like tom yum which was just 👌🏻👌🏻 I did find the broth a tad too salty though, which makes the messy slurping not as pleasant. Not a major issue though if they could tone down the salt, so I’m defo giving my 👍🏻 for this! The Tom Yum Tsukemen’s limited to 10 a day if I’m not wrong, so be early if you’re planning to have this!