Finally made a trip to September Coffee Cafe!

This has been on my to-visit list of cafes for quite a while! Visited on a Friday evening and it was full house when we reached! The cafe doesn't take in reservations, so walk in queue only! Was told that the queue wait might be around 45mins, but we got called back in less than 15mins of walking around Chinatown!

Here is what we ordered:
-Crabmeat Linguine ($18+): Super love this! No regrets choosing this! Quite a substantial portion of pasta and crabmeat. Everything went so well together with the ebiko and seaweed strips! The pasta sauce is spicy lemon garlic butter so it had a little spice flavour to it. Pasta was also cooked to the right texture!
-Hearty Brekkie with Pancetta ($22+): We had BRUNCH food for DINNER! haha! Loved this platter because there was French toast! Instead of the usual sourdough bread etc. Loved the Uni Mayo Tater Tots! You can also choose whether you want pancetta / smoked salmon / scrambled eggs for the proteins!

Enjoyed the food here!