This pretty unassuming stall at Food Republic in Causeway Point serves one of the better dry beef noodles in Singapore! For $6.50, you get a bowl of 粗米粉 in the stall's homemade black gravy, coupled with generous servings of sliced beef. Do note that the stall tends to overcook their beef (aka medium - well done) and if you want the beef to be more tender, you need to tell them in advance! There will be more than enough gravy to go with your noodles, so you won't have to worry about it running out!

You will also enjoy a bowl of beef broth, which comes with four beef balls as well! Hence, we think this is pretty worth it for the price! The stall has a reputation for being the "descendant" of the Odeon beef noodles stall at North Bridge Road previously, hence, you can expect a pretty decent queue at the stall during mealtimes!