Siglap branch: My fav food is actually pasta, coz i'm boring like that 😁 I really love Italian cuisine and have been returning to @pastafrescadasalvatore for a good many years! Honestly, i've tried many dishes which have disappointed, so i only go back when there's a craving for that one pasta - polpa di granchio (crab meat tomato)

Rating: 7.5/10

Will i return/recommend: Yes/Yes (Siglap)

Pros: Pasta's are handmade! Quality is pretty consistent (but for the 1st time in 7yrs, my pasta kindda failed me). Love the casual relaxing vibe, and i always choose to sit al fresco. Closes late at 11pm, and can continue sitting after they lock up & leave, no stress to finish your food. Friendly service staffs. Crab meat pasta is awesome as it not only tastes good, there are generous amounts of crab meat. Fav dishes: Mozzarella w tomato, Polpa di Granchio w linguine, Mascarpone pizza w tomato base (on request), Tiramisu (to share)

Cons: Dishes are hits & miss. Honestly, i don't have high confidence for this place anymore as i keep getting disappointed👎 Strictly sticking to only the usuals as those are worth returning for! Don't like Boat Quay's branch. Dislikes: Seafood soup, Cannelloni ricotta e spinachi, Alla bolognese, Gnocchi pasta, Chocolate mousse.

Price: S$23.80 - polpa di granchio pasta (avg spending for two with starters or dessert $60-80)