One of the more popular JB restaurants with a perpetual queue specializing in fish curry. Served piping hot in a claypot, the curry was complex with its mix of spices and rich seafood flavours. A good level of spice that was addictive without being too numbing or rich.

Served with crispy taupok that soaks up the curry, and various vegetables - cabbage, lady finger, long beans, and tomato. The sea bass head had dismal amount of meat, but what we could scrap off was fresh and tender, enhanced and not overpowered by the aromatic curry (just wished there was more!).

Have the curry with a bowl of rice and it’s so satisfying. Worth sweating it out in the non-air conditioned section of the restaurant (p.s lucky ones might get seated in the newer air-conditioned section).

For those who don’t want to make the journey/ queue in line, frozen curry packs of this famous gravy is being sold in Singapore 😂 .