My boyfriend and I went to Fat Cow on 21 September to celebrate our 4th anniversary. We ordered the Miyazaki and Ohmi steak and it was superb. I even kept gushing about it to my friends thereafter. However, one thing that truly miffed me and marred the entire experience was when my boyfriend ordered a glass of whisky, he asked for an ice sphere, but was told there wasn't any.

The menu clearly states that we are able to choose between ice cubes or an ice sphere for the whiskies, which we pointed out to the waitress. However, the waitress told him that they do not currently have an ice sphere, she did not even check in with the bar, she immediately stated that they do not have it. The last time when we went to Fat Cow on 2 May, we had asked for an ice sphere to go along with our whiskey too, but they persisted in saying that they do not have it. So we took it as it is and just ordered the whiskey with ice cubes, which rapidly melted and diluted the whiskey.

Towards the end of our dinner, a middle-aged white gentleman who was seated next to us ordered a glass of whiskey and they served it to him with an ice sphere without him having to even ask for it. Judging from how some of the waiters greeted him, we gathered that he is a regular. But even then, if you are going to omit certain parts of the service that is clearly stated in the menu as an option, lie about it, and only serve it to customers you favor, then why even bother stating it? Does the service staff not realize that new customers are potential regulars too? I truly loved the Ohmi and Miyazaki steaks, but this is the second time we have been discriminated against, so we will be steering clear of Fat Cow from now and getting our Japanese steaks and whiskies elsewhere.

UPDATE: Marian from the marketing team took the initiative to reach out to me to make amends for the inferior service we were shown. She assured me that she had launched an investigation, found the waitress who attended to us and advised her against the way we were discriminated against. I truly hope that no other customer would suffer this mild injustice at the establishment again. I have taken her word for it and accepted her apologies for the matter. Marian was professional, sympathetic and apologetic even in the face of my scathing review, and I highly laud her work ethics. Thank you Marian for restoring our faith in the group's practice standards.