Housed Under Arc 380, Wanton Fu is the established since July 2018. Serving Traditional Wonton Noodles W Homemade Wanton, Fiery Spicy Red Chili, Crispy Fried Pork Lard and Garlic.

Here's some of the dishes we've had today:
✅: Wonton Noodles Soup [$4.80 / $5.80]
✅: Fried Wonton Noodles [$3.50 / $5.50]
✅: Homemade Fried Ngo Hiang [$6.00]

Personally, I'm a Fan of their Noodles Texture, Springy and Bouncy Along with their Chilli Which Packs a Big Punch!.

Thanks @wantonfusg and @sqtop For the Invitation!