Located at Punggol Settlement with a gorgeous view overlooking the river, this izakaya is the perfect getaway. Come with a group of friends or family and wash down your worries with a bucket of Sapporo beer ($40 for five beers). Share the super tasty Mentai Cheese Fries ($13) before ordering some of their yummy skewers. Izakaya 95 uses binchotan charcoal, a high grade charcoal from oak trees, that makes the skewers more flavourful. The Chicken Set ($18 for five skewers), which consists of minced meat, skin, thigh, wings and loin, is great for sharing. Otherwise, the minced chicken meat, Tsukune Tare ($4) skewer and the chicken loin, Sasami Cheese ($4) skewer both come highly recommended. Still hungry? Dig into their luxurious Foie Gras Fried Rice ($15) or sneak a little more alcohol into your system with their Sake Fried Rice ($8). Reservations not necessary.
Avg price: $45 per person with drinks
Photo by Burppler Clive Tan