Helmed by the same people of Rappu & The Featherblade, @mezcla.sg is the latest kid on the Craig Road block - offering an Asian modern twist on Mexican tacos!

The quaint space is decked out in enchanting neon signages, reminiscent of the Mexican holiday - Día de los Muertos. I do like the dark bar vibes the place has got going - though at times it's actually way too dark to see the food in front of you.

Having enjoyed the handrolls from Rappu, I was excited to try this new concept of Mezcla. With a selection of both Japanese inspired modern tacos and a section dedicated to the more traditional Mexican fare - it was clear that I was going for the Japanese stuff.

The Salmon taco was first on the list, with Ikura, cured salmon, edamame refritos all in a crispy salmon skin taco shell. Now that's just ingenious I tell ya. Who knew fish skin could act as a taco shell!

Next up was the Unagi - filled with oyako tamago, Japanese cucumber and chipotle teriyaki all nestled in a seaweed taco shell. This was my favourite of the night and dang I could huff like 5 of these.

I'm really glad I got to try Mezcla, though the price is a tad high and it's difficult to be full from just a couple of tacos. It's also difficult to chill as the place is quite cramped and there's a dining time limit but for all it's worth - I loved them tacos and I'll go back again.

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