If you have been here, you would have noticed that there are a number of stalls here selling Nasi Lemak and from what we used to eat last time, we still prefer this stall! We Q for 15mins and ordered this Set B, $3.50 with Fish Fillet, Egg, Ikan Bilis and add a hotdog for $0.50. We simply love their fragrant Basmati rice which taste so good!!! Fish fillet and hotdog wasn’t very hot and crispy, Ikan bilis is fresh, crispy and crunchy, one of the better ones I’ve eaten! Their chilli is not the typical spicy chilli, its slightly towards sweet, spicy lovers might not enjoy it as much. They open as early as 7am so you can drop by for an early breakfast someday! @mizzycorner_nasilemak #nasilemak #mizzycorner #mizzycornernasilemak #changivillagehawkercentre

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