What better food to order in than a box of hot, piping pizza delivered to your doorstep?

I was craving pizza so I ordered 4 from Domino’s Pizza, with their promo of $22 for 2: Smoky Pepperoni & Mushroom Pizza, Hawaiian Paradise, Classified Chicken and the special Quattro Veggie. (Do note that the 9 inch pizzas are not very big, so if you’re ordering for a hungry crowd, it may not be enough!)

On the whole, I’d say Domino’s pizzas are ok. They aren’t your gourmet artisan pizzas baked in a wood fired oven with premium ingredients, but hey, for the price you’re paying, it’s pretty decent.

🍕 Text and pics are nice, but if you wanna see a video, watch my full review of Domino’s on YouTube now! https://youtu.be/uvfG7cSCRLo 🍕

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