The O List

Price Range: $10-$17

O for: Okay

What is popular here?
Unlimited Mix-Ins: Regular [$9.50]
Me: "Wait, so in theory, we could ask for like 5 scoops of cookie dough, and they'll oblige?"
PR Rep: "Yup! It's not unlimited if we say no!"
There you go, guys. A legal loophole to lop everything & the kitchen sink into your bursting wafer-bowl.
Add $4 for a waffle (read: space for even more toppings).

Really grateful that I had added some berries, that lent much-needed acidity to cut through the cloying sweetness from the ice-cream equivalent of a little kid running into a 7-11 & mixing all flavours of Big Gulp.

What should I try instead?
Pearl of the Orient Tea [$6.00 est]
One of the night's revelations was that you could actually order & sip teapot-brewed Gryphon tea, right next to your ice-cream waffle in the Marble Slab franchise. Really takes the edge off the sugar overload.

This was a hosted Burpple tasting, courtesy of Marble Slab (Kallang Wave) & Burpple.