Amazing, delicious, heavenly, finger licking good - Can't find a better way to describe the spicy crabs, you have to try it to understand 😍 One of my favourite places in town, with daily queues over the past years (more than 10 years?). The minimum order for crab is 900g (RM50/600g), sufficient for 2 pax. I usually don't stop there.... Will add on a small fried rice (RM8), some chicken wings (RM2.50/pair), toast bread (RM0.4/slice) and a bowl of gravy (RM3/bowl). For spicy food lovers, ADD THE GRAVY TO EVERYTHING, the rice, the bread (that's the whole purpose of getting toast bread anyways)!

Fun fact: Years ago, additional bowls of gravy came for free, but due to popular demand, they're pretty reluctant to provide - You'll only get a bowl after requesting for a few times. Guess they found a better way to handle it with extra charges - Customers willingly pay, you happily serve it 😉

Tip: Opens Tues-Sun 5pm to 11pm. Either be early or late to beat the queues. But be prepared to forgo the chicken wings if you're late, they sell out fast! Cash terms, pork free

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