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As the Everton Park vicinity continues to thrive with plenty of new openings, Marble Bistro's wallet-friendly small plate dining and stunningly-lit white, marbled space has captured the hearts of our Burpple community. The inviting space, helmed by Culinary Institute of America (CIA) chefs, makes this a great dinner spot with family and friends alike. Start off the meal with the Mushroom Macchiato ($6.50), a trio of portobello, button and shiitake mushroom essence that takes six hours to prepare. Served in a clear cup, the soup is made to look like a "macchiato" — dark brew mushroom essence to mimic coffee, and truffle foam as the milk froth. For mains, follow Burpple Tastemaker Acamas Teo's lead and order the Beef Steak ($16), a juicy, six-hour sous vide flank cut served with seasonal greens, baked mushroom and cheese. End off with a Double Chocolate Brownie ($7) that comes with a generous scoop of fig and honey ice cream.
Avg Price: $25 per person
Photo by Burpple Tastemaker Acamas Teo