Are you O₂(Oxygen)? Cause I can't live without you!😉
Are you Neon(Ne)? Cause you brighten up my life.đŸĨ°
I may have failed chemistry but that doesn't stop me to be as ONe with you.😘
Sorry, if you find these pick-up lines lousy but at least I found my sweetheart.💘
O₂ Bistro baked in a neon light setting, is a great place to chill and hangout after a long day.
Chicken Chop XO Fried Rice($10.40)😋
Delicious steamy hot XO fried rice paired with tender chicken chop, one of their signature dishes you need to try while at . This fried rice will lighten you day after a long day of work.
Fried rice was a little spicy, savoury, fluffy and got slight wok hei. Short grain pearl rice were used. Rice not too dry nor too moist. I like the balance of flavours and the right amount of greasiness in it. Really got standard siah.
Chicken meat was kinda small but at least it was boneless, tasty and slightly charred.
Their chilli was great too, but the portion given too little.
Scrambled Egg($2.50)👌
Classic creamy & runny eggs in scrambled form, seasoned with salt and pepper.
Japanese Oysters($22/6pcs)($40/12pcs)😋🤤
Every Friday Promo($2.50/pc)
5pm to 8pm only
Initially, we didn't know about the promo of oysters as it was not stated physically but thru their social media. So we ordered 6 pieces only, but after looking for some inspiration on what to have from their social media, we came across the promo and order 6 more.đŸ¤Ŗ Damn... Its so valuable lah. Plus, the oyster is from Murotsu Bay. They are one of the most delicate oyster I had before and the size was medium-large and quite meaty. Really can slurp to you heart content.
Grapefruit Lime($6.90)
A fruity fizzy drink.
15% discount off your bill if you have the Grounder card. Not only that, you can claim a certain limit of selected Drinks/Beers once per place per card.
🚩O2 Bistro, 12 N Canal Rd, 01-01, Singapore 048825
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