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The truffle flavouring in this was very mild and would disappoint any truffle fans out there. But for me the weak taste of truffle was perfect as I'm only a fan of fresh truffle shavings and the carbs were calling out to me as I read the menu. As full as I was from pigging out at a late lunch, gnocchi cravings hit me straight in the face.
And the gnocchi was good… but the saltiness which I thought might have just been distributed unevenly in the first few bites got increasingly overwhelming as I ate the gnocchi to the point I had to stop eating even though I wanted the carbs badly. If they held off on the seasoning just a little, this plate would've been 100% satisfying.
Service at this outlet could be improved greatly though, the crew kept making us question why they even attempted… like topping up our glasses with a drop of water when it was half empty (and was still half empty after a top up) instead of just filling up the glass, yet they wouldn't leave the pitcher at the table for us to fill ourselves. Plus lots of other moments wondering if the crew knew what they were doing at all. At times like this I wish service charge was optional.
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