Do you look at others' food and wonder 'where is that from?' when deciding what to eat in a hawker centre? Sometimes you really end up eyeballing a gem. ☺️ Partook in the Amoy food centre lunchtime lines today and saw this golden cutlet and tauhu telur on a few people's plates while waiting in a nasi lemak line(that was so slow and seemed like no end). Got frustrated at the queue, went around and spotted that stall. 💫
Uber-crispy, juicy-inside golden chicken cutlet; an eggy tahu telur drizzled with kicap manis (dark sweet sauce) and a glorious fried egg and kickass chilli. No wonder this nasi padang stall run by a Chinese couple is a favourite - they cook/fry as they serve along so the stuff is piping hot. Douse with the curry on the rice. Discovered a gem today.