My dinner was a blur of high after high of the most phenomenal dishes. Here are four of the "lighter" ones, clockwise from top left, that preceded the mains of seafood and heavier meats.
1) Fennel, orange and burrata ($16++): I am not a fan of fennel but this had me singing its praises. Grilling transformed the fennel to be a thing of sweetness, which worked magic with the citrus element and creamy cheese.
2) Sobrasada ($14++): A spicy cured pork sausage served with toasted sourdough that got my juices going.
3) White onions, raisins, rocket and grated hard cheese: An off-the-menu item that the chefs surprised me with. Love the mix of flavours in here too.
4) Squid, pico de gallo and cotija ($18++): A fab way to enjoy the slippery strips of fresh squid - served in a pool of blended fresh salsa embellished with crumbled Mexican cow's cheese and coriander.