Born and raised in Hawaii, Lon runs this corner store at Everton Park dishing out poké bowls that are good for both solo diners and big groups. Unlike most places that pre-marinate their proteins, Alakai only coats the cubed fish in your selected sauce a la order. In a group of four, share the Large ($39.95), which sees the protein of your choice (tuna, salmon, boiled prawns or tofu) laced with your desired marinade — we love the Koiu Shoyu, a soy-based sauce that perfectly balances savoury and sweet. Side dishes like the Ka'ukama Cucumber Kimchi ($2.95) and Hala Kahiki Pineapple Pacri (Malay-inspired pineapples) boast robust Asian flavours that complement the fish. If you're popping by for a solo meal, choose from five pre-made pokés like the Alakai Big Poké Plate ($24.95) that comes with both salmon and tuna, or our favourite of the lot — Nisei Poké Plate ($14.95). The latter sees ahi tuna tossed in Koiu Shoyu, and Potato-Mac salad, tangy tomato namasu (tomatoes in a Japanese vinegar dressing) and white rice on the side.
Avg Price: $20 per person
Photo by Burppler Shaowei Ho