It seems like the folks at Bundt by The Backyard Bakers are going from strength to strength after the opening of their Jewel Changi Airport outlet some time back — they had since moved out of their small hole-in-the-wall unit at Havelock II, and have relocated to a bigger shop space at China Street dubbed #THEBACKYARDBAKERSHQ within the Central Business District. The Backyard Bakers now finds itself sandwiched between two pretty notable eateries at its new location across from Far East Square — its new neighbours being that of Chilli Pan Mee (Batu Rd) and the newest outlet of 88 Hong Kong Roast Meat Specialist that had opened just pretty recently as well. This outlet bears the same tagline as their Jewel Changi Airport; “Original Blackout Brownie Dealer — Create in Singapore, for the World” at its entrance — the tagline seemingly being introduced when they had opened their Jewel Changi Airport outlet back then. The design cues of its new space follows very closely to that of their Jewel Changi Airport outlet, which is in turn seemingly inspired by that of the short-lived dine-in cafe, Graze by The Backyard Bakers, which they used to run at NEWest — think a dark, industrial-inspired design theme featuring grey and black elements with some natural elements such as plants to give the space some “life”. It is interesting to note that the China Street location though operates as a takeaway location, does have some bench seating for those who wishes to consume their goodies on the spot. While Bundt by The Backyard Bakers was previously known to have carried sandwiches in their menu in the past, the establishment has been focusing on their blackout brownie offerings for quite a while now — their China Street outlet carries an extensive selection of their blackout brownie in various flavours to choose from; there are also muffins, brookies and banana bread that are being stocked up as well. Beverages available at The Backyard Bakers at China Street includes espresso-based specialty coffee, as well as chocolate-based beverages.

Having made our visit to Bundt by The Backyard Bakers and Graze by The Backyard Bakers previously, one thing that we absolutely cannot get enough of from The Backyard Bakers would be their blackout brownies. We were pretty spoilt for choice on which one to go for considering the extensive selection of brownies that they have — we eventually found ourselves going for the Whisky Orange Blackout Brownie since we had always liked the combination of orange and chocolate. Considering how these are pretty much sold from the display shelf and its kiosk-style operation, these would have come pretty much as-is without an option to have them warmed up (not sure if they would if one asks nicely for it though). Sinking our teeth right into the Whisky Orange Blackout Brownie, the Whisky Orange Blackout Brownie was pretty much what we recalled about their stellar blackout brownies when we had visited Bundt by The Backyard Bakers previously — their brownies have always been a nice in-between of a cake-like brownie and a fudge-y brownie on the very first bite; just dense and sticky enough to hold itself together, yet not too cake-like that it would crumble into small bits as one bites through. Each bite comes off pretty firmly held, while the brownie is absolutely rich in flavour with its chocolatey notes — a literal chocolate heaven that is as decadent as it can get. As one gets through to the middle of the blackout brownie, there is that slightly gooey and sticky chocolate ganache layer hidden in between that further adds on to that chocolatey goodness that the blackout brownie already comes with — the Whisky Orange version coming with strips of candied orange for an extra chew and a slight zing amidst some sweetness for an extra flavoural contrast; just the thing that we are looking for in an item with a chocolate-orange infusion. Yet another satisfying creation by the folks of The Backyard Bakers.

Bundt by The Backyard Bakers are folks that had pretty much started off with a very humble beginning — we recalled their space Havelock II being a hole-in-the-wall space that where dine-in patrons used to be seated outside the space — there weren’t many seats to begin with for those who intend to dine-in though it is noted that there are also a lack of standing space for patrons within its premises as well; it was also pretty much just its founders behind the counter taking orders and busting out all of the food orders in the small area that they occupy back then. Whilst we had not thought much about the establishment back then, it was the now-defunct Graze by The Backyard Bakers that truly left an impression with us — the founders’ dedication and passion in the craft as well as their efforts in creating the best for their patrons could be easily felt in the food that they were dishing out. We still have pretty strong impressions of their Triple Decker Otah Sandwich back then — an item that was also available at Bundt at The Backyard Bakers which we utterly enjoyed. It was also at Graze by The Backyard Bakers that we have first tried their blackout brownie — the Macadamia Brownie that we also loved. Fast forward to today, we would think that it is quite unimaginable even for the founders of The Backyard Bakers to have thought that the name could have gone so far — this is especially after the closure of Graze by The Backyard Bakers, as well as surviving as a F&B business with a strong core on its bakes during the COVID-19 pandemic; it is truly amazing to see how brands such as The Backyard Bakers have grown since their early days. We are also glad that they have been pretty consistent with their blackout brownie offerings over the years, as evidently portrayed by the Whisky Orange Blackout Brownie which we went for. We hereby congratulate the folks behind The Backyard Bakers on the opening of their new #THEBACKYARDBAKERSHQ at China Street, and wishing them all the best in everything that is to come!