Another atas cai png.
• base 1: chestnut brown rice - quite fluffy and not dry! with big grains.
• base 2: romaine lettuce - your typical lettuce, nothing so special heh
• protein: herb baked dory - not quite dry, especially because I had olive oil as the sauce. the herb gives another dimension to the taste.
• side 1: sichuan tofu - it is not strongly sichuan-y in terms of flavor, just minutely spicy.
• side 2: cucumber - your typical cucumber.
• side 3: fried tempeh - the way I had it growing up! some chopped chili and kicap manis would be good:( no sour taste like how some hawker stalls do it. fried just nice to feel healthy.
• topping: scallion - nothing special. actually ordered by mistake.
• dressing: garlic and thyme olive oil - taste just like muted olive oil to me. it is a good grease but that's about it. one thing I note is that they pre-package the dressing into plastic containers. I requested to drizzle it to reduce plastic waste but they can't accommodate. sadly.