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Got the White Chrysanthemum with Cacao Nibs and Lychee with Raspberry Swirls. Added $1 to get the Thyme Cone.

I really enjoyed how the flavours were so unique. Definitely not flavours you can get elsewhere. Most of them were botanical related flavours, which caught my heart.

Don't ask me which of the 2 flavours I liked better. They were equally good. They were not overly sweet (ps: I seldom get fruit flavour ice cream because of the artificial taste and overly-sweetness) and they were mellow tasting in the mouth.

Most of the other ice cream shops I went to before were usually very milky/creamy and dense. Like it was very heavy, but BOP was not. It was smooth and refreshing. Liked how the thyme cone was not overpoweringly spiced, but gave the cone a good taste.

However, the cone turned soggy pretty fast. So, it lacked the crunch at some point. I didn't like how they used wooden spoon, because it somewhat affected the taste of the ice cream when put into the mouth. Like you taste a wood taste?

But overall, great taste! Would revisit for sure!

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