@saizeriyasg has recently launched 2 NEW dishes! Have a taste of Italy while in SIngapore!

-Italian Herb Pasta ($7.90): Italian Herb sauce with lots of clams and spaghetti! I also like how there was slight spiciness to the spaghetti sauce. Very fresh clams too!

-Italian Herb Focaccia ($2.50): The focaccia was soft and very flavourful!

From their grand menu, they also have a large variety of food items to choose from! Featured here are the following items:

Mushroom Soup ($2.90)
Pumpkin Soup ($2.90)
Chicken Wing ($4.90 for 5 pcs)
Grilled Squid ($7.90):
Pineapple and bacon pizza ($6.90)
Free flow drinks ($2.80)
Italian Pudding ($3.90)

I have been visiting Saizeriya since more than 14 years ago! It is good to know that Saizeriya’s prices are still NETT! There are no additional GST or service charge! Very value for money!

Visit Saizeriya to try out the new dishes for yourselves now!

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