Weekends at KL city's foremost Hainanese kopitiam come with a clause: a 30-minute wait, minimum. But what fuels the unceasing crowds is the promise of Yut Kee's weekends-only Roast Pork (RM19.90). The elusive dish yields a yummy, crackling roast pork with apple sauce, alongside potatoes and vegetables. Since you've already made the trawl, make the most out of your experience. Order also the Roti Babi (RM9), a wonderfully greasy deep-fried bread with pork and onion filling. For a lighter breakfast, the Kaya Butter Toast (RM3) stars a fantastic homemade kaya that is, to our delight, also available in a take-home jar at RM4.80. End your meal with a classic local cake — either the soft, fluffy Kaya Roll (RM1) or the buttery Marble Cake (RM1).
Avg price per person: RM15