we’ve ordered the burpple set (2 wagyu beef don for $25) & had been wanting to know what is the hype for gyu nami all about! the savings is not a whole lot, maybe ~$5 since each don is originally priced at $15. the shop is tucked away at a small corner and the ambience is pretty cozy. the don presentation is really cute as it resembled a volcano. the egg yolk is placed perfectly at the top of the mountain of beef and rice, accompanied with this rich creamy sauce drizzled down the side. 🥺🥺

the medium rare beef slices taste almost like a thinly sliced ham & the texture is good! however, the rice has nothing to rave about and the miso soup was pretty bland. overall it is a nice don to try, but me and my partner both agreed that we won’t order the beef don again. maybe cause it didn’t suit our tastebuds, since others raved about it. also, be prepared that they don’t serve any plain water, even when i mentioned that i needed to take my medication... only serves can drinks!