Time for a feast again. The ribs were a bit more tender than the last time I was here. Don't bother paying extra for the "Prime Ribs", it isn't worth it.

We ordered (for 5 pax):
4 x Bak Ku Teh (soups)
1 x Spinach
1 x Peanuts
1 x Pig Stomach
1 x Pig Intestines
1 x Braised Pig Trotters
2 x Youtiao (fried dough fritters)
5 x White Rice

All bowls come in one size (i.e. small), comfortably fed the 5 of us. Bill came up to be about $15 per pax.

πŸ’΅ Cash only
πŸ“Ά No WiFi available
πŸ’Ί Indoor seating, but not air-conditioned