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I thought it was good but personally would like the usual sea salt. BUT THEN I TRIED ALL THESE OTHER BAD BOYS FROM @minus4degree

And they were pretty much all good to great (to varying degrees, of course). Like the Banana ice cream. Very measured sweetness, not too cloying, lovely nibs scattered throughout to break up the texture and give it a nice bite. Or the Durian. So so thick and creamy, it's like essence of durian without the funky texture and with a more muted nose. Or the Bailey's, with its rich coffee lacings. Or the Stout - so so good. Bitter, full-bodied, unforgivingly strong. Love the rich unrelenting nature of it and it's definitely sweet enough imo. Unlike the rum and raisin, which was too sweet for my liking. But on to better things, like the Black Sesame. Probably my top 3 from minus 4 degree. Thick, grainy (not powdery), delightfully chewy, absolutely love the texture.

But my top pick has to be the Smoked Salmon. Yes, smoked salmon ice cream. And it's bloody brilliant. The smoke smacks you in the nose like an Essence of Islay fragrance (@tomford, get on that please), and each bite is a shock of smooth cold ice cream contrasted with the salty, savoury explosions of flavour. So goddamn good.

You can find them at Butcher Carey and TLB for now, or order online, buttttt maybe they're opening a physical store soon? 🤔 Perhaps? Maybe? We'll see.

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