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The queue was lit🔥

I like that the bun is super fluffy.

Here it is what we've tried, and what you need to get your hands on:
♡ SmokeShack
The meat was super tender, so easy to eat, and the applewood bacon was crispy. It was a perfect combination. The red pepper add a little bit of nice kick, however the shack sauce didn't really sound for me.
♡ 'Shroom Burger
Mushroom was super delicious!! It was fried, but did not taste oily. Trytry!

We tried also the shakeshack burger, but that was just meh, it was only a classic burger and that's when you'll feel that it is overpriced.

Cheesefries was so so. The cheese amount is quite generous, i like their type of fries, the good thing is that the fries is not soggy.

For drinks. The lemonade was not recommended by me. I also tried the classic hand-spun shack with salted caramel. The drink was quite heavy i must say. It's sweet as well. But if u really like caramel then i must say that this is a drink for you.