Because seven eight nine. If you still don’t get that joke, then God bless you. What’s not a joke, however, is Seven & Ate’s food.

Styled as a casual burger bar replete with a small selection of craft beers, Seven & Ate offers run of the mill cheeseburgers as well as considerably more adventurous burgers such as the pork & oysters burger ($16++) pictured here.

The pork and oysters burger is exactly what it says on the tin: two pork patties are doused in tonkatsu sauce and serve as the seat for the fried oyster fritter. Unfortunately, it’s a lot more batter than oyster in that fritter, and combined with the savoriness of the tonkatsu sauce, the oyster was close to nonexistent.

The pork patties aren’t too shabby, actually. Grilled with a nice golden brown crust on the outside, they were acceptably seasoned and went well with the tonkatsu sauce. Seven & Ate’s other burgers definitely looking like the better options, so I’d definitely recommend having any of those instead.