🍽: Royal Js Fried Porridge

Price: $6.00

🚇: Lavender
📍: 30 Foch Rd, Singapore 209276

I have yet to try this till now. I remembered, the first time I went there, the waiting time was 3 hours long just to try their famous fried porridge. I totally gave up. Now, since I was nearby the vicinity I decided to try it again. This time the wait was only 20 mins.

Different from it counterparts, the Royal Js fried porridge is stirred fried with ingredients like yam cubes, dried cuttlefish, dried shrimps and finally topped up with chives and pork lard fritters. Not only was the porridge texture thick, it carries a strong wok flavour with the pork lard as a flavour enhancement. The only thing that I did not quite like was the yam powdery feel and the lack of meat.

Overall, I had an enjoyable experience and I will drop by there once again to try their zi char menu. Oh ! and I have notice that 88 Roasted meat specialist have shifted to the opposite road which I heard so many good reviews about it