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This Cantonese roasted meats stall opened at the basement of Katong Plaza shopping centre at the beginning of October 2015 and its roast meats was a hot favourite among the office workers there. It has now shifted to ct hub and unlike the chilli-based wanton mee versions of the Joo Chiat style, the wanton mee here is served with no potent chilli sauce. Instead it is flavoured with a rather unique soy chicken marinade reduction and a lot of lard. It has by far the best char siew (barbecued pork) n the lineup. It is done Kuala Lumpur-style with no artificial red colouring. Instead of pork shoulder, the more sinful pork belly is used. The resultant meat — made less sweet than what you get in KL — is tender, with nice charred and fatty bits. The other highlight is the high grade egg noodles that are used (Peng Kee brand). You get none of that ammonia odour that plagues lesser grades of factory noodles, which means a shorter shelf-life for the noodles (three days) but the resultant texture has a great bite feel. Pity that the two wantons you get are a bit on the small side, however free-flow fried lard is icing on the cake.

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