I always take beautiful women to bed with me. Yes, all the ladies love getting into bed with me, and I have taken four vixens at once. Can you blame them? @b.e.d_sg is an upmarket foodcourt that has Erdinger on tap, a decent selection of wines, and their food options ain’t too shabby.⠀

@curryboysg is one of the tenants to set up shop in the foodcourt. They are a Japanese-Singaporean fusion concept, and their Signature XL Pork Panko Curry ($8.90 nett) is the paragon of this concept. It’s yet another Japanese katsu curry rice…but you’d be wrong. Sure, the panko crusted pork cutlet is most definitely Japanese & is nothing noteworthy, but the starchy, stew-like Japanese curry is replaced by a rich, luscious Nyonya curry that mitigates the leanness of the pork cutlet.⠀

While the tonkatsu is a tad bland & unappealing on its own, the spicy, coconut-y & felicitously fatty Nyonya curry flavours & lubricates the pork cutlet extremely well. The curry is dummy thicc, and there’s more than enough of it to lube up both the pork & the rice. Not a fan of the catastrophically overcooked fried egg, but it is what it is. It’s not a groundbreaking fusion dish, but it is a well executed one that works relatively flawlessly.

Fellas, get out there and live your best life. Wine her, dine her, and get her gushing in B.E.D.

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